Welcome to my website, my name is Andrew Green, but many know me as AJ.


I have always been drawn to motorsport and cars. I grew up in Doonside NSW, which, luckily enough, was right next to the newly built Eastern Creek Raceway (now known as Sydney Motorsport Park). I still remember that first day it opened, heading to the track with my Father and taking a bus ride around the race track itself. From that day I spent a lot of my time trackside watching many events, including the Triple Challenge with Cars, Bikes and Drag racing all in one event.


As my passion for motorsport grew, so did my passion for capturing it on camera. Every motorsport event was an opportunity to learn more, push myself and really understand how to capture that perfect moment on the track.


In 2017 I launched AJGr33n Photography Facebook page and grew more and more as a motorsport photographer. In 2021 I made the step to become accredited by Motorsport Australia and have worked closely with car clubs like the BMW Drivers Club NSW at their track events throughout the year.


So now this is my next big step my own web page and slight name change to AJGreen Photography. So please take a look around, enjoy what I have captured and if you would like reach out send me an email I always love to hear your thoughts.


Stay Safe and See You Trackside.